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    Offshore Keys Review

    Short intro to Offshore Keys: London based trading group who trades ICT style. Let me tell you they talk very interesting. As an American, hearing them talk was fun in its own. Cas (the main dude) is always talking about "hittin...
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    Traders Paradox? Is this a thing?

    Why is it so often that I see successful traders go quiet after learning/doing funded accounts/reaching good profits? It seems like there is a 99-1 split of brand new trades+course sellers to real successful traders, especially on the internet. I remember someone I knew online saying "finishing...
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    FXSanalytics/ Paracurve

    Heard lots of good things about them from my friends but I wonder what the FXGears community thinks of them. Links and Info: Pretty interesting, looks a lot of wmd4x Thanks
FTMO Trader Scouting