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    Turnkey Forex

    Has anyone traded with turnkey forex here? I have been in the forum for long enough and realize this is the right place to ask. I have read the reviews online and they seem pretty decent. Should I have 2-3 more brokers in the list, but they are my preference at the moment. What do you guys suggest?
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    Buying Bitcoin

    I'll be monitoring bitcoin for the next six months and then probably invest, regardless of the price at that time.
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    Stay away they are a scam in the making. Hugosway is related to this CFTC banned broker JAFX. Probably what you are reading online are paid reviews and even the recommendations are from affiliates. That what JAFX was famous for. Check this our...
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    ICT Actual Case Study

    hey man! was busy lately. and you're trading forex or anything else?
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    ICT Actual Case Study

    i've been trading fine. what about you? how long have you been trading?
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    ICT Actual Case Study

    someone might just notice us. writing nothing. LOL
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    ICT Actual Case Study

    i don't think anybody's reading this though....
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    ICT Actual Case Study

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    ICT Actual Case Study

    i was going to ask the same thing. o_O
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    nice article but you covered almost everything.
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    hello all! i am new to the forum. i am a full time trader. what about you? and hope you guys are doing well. :)
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    Jokes Thread

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