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    Deleting history files

    Thanks Rod Deleting all unused indicators, unused EA's , logs, and FXpro live/demo folder from history folders has done the trick. Also reduced max history bars and chart history bars to 5000 and 10 000 respectively Cheers Mike
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    Deleting history files

    Hi My MT4 platform (FXpro version4 build 1010) is really laggy. I have reduced max bars in history and chart to 10 000 and removed all indicators from charts (12 charts) but its still laggy (when I move the crosshair its leaving the lines behind which is bugging the *&%^$ out of me!!) I have...
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    ICT Previous Day High/Low indicator

    AusDocs Pivots Plus vs 2 indicator should do this for you, just turn all the settings off (or "false") in the inputs tab. I think you can find it to download in the indicator forum/section
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    ICT Forexmas 2014 / Market Maker Series

    Anyone had any tweets from ICT? Haven't received one since middle of last week
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    [TUTORIAL] Complete Backtesting and Analysis Setup (100% Free)

    Hi Many thanks for creating this thread. I am working through the steps as outlined above, and seemed to have hit a snag with downloading of tick data. I have downloaded tick data for the EURJPY pair, from 1/01/2009 until now. However, when I open the tickdata folder, I see only 2 folders...
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    Multiple Timeframe Fractal Indicator for Studying Market Structure

    Hey AusDoc Many thanks for the indicator (s) Regards Mike
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    Learn to code in MT4

    Rod, it works a treat, many thanks Mike
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    Hi Tro Regarding the FreqDist_upper wick and FreqDist_lower wick indicators, would it be possible for you to add the filter/option of "Only up days" and "Only down days" ? Regards Mike
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    Learn to code in MT4

    Hi Rod Thanks for the reply. Basically what I am trying to do is show a chart that has the last daily candle at 5/4/2010. I am not too concerned about the exact start date as long as there is2 - 3yrs history. I tried CTRL+R and put in my date range. This limited the data range for EA to that...
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    Learn to code in MT4

    Sorry, this post is not exactly to topic, but relates to MT4: Please can someone tell me how to create an historical chart in MT4, for example if I want to display only candles from, say, 1/10/2010 - 30/06/2011. I have hunted everywhere for a start and end date option on the chart, but for the...
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    Central Bank Dealers Range Indicator

    Try this (if you have Vista): click "start" right click on logo of your MT4 provider eg FX Pro click on "open file location" double click "metaeditor" click "file" (top left corner) double click "open data folder" double click "mql4" double click "indicator" folder, and paste/drag the CDR...
FTMO Trader Scouting