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  1. the fader


    It's good you realise what "mistakes" you make. As my mentor once told me "you have to be able to look in the mirror" and be honest with yourself ... keep going now you know what you need to work on :)
  2. the fader

    Hello from Belfast

    Hey i mostly swing trade.. so i wouldn't have a day to day bias on things.. what normally happens i will create a bias by looking at fundamentals and macro and then go with that direction... so for example right now I am shifting to buy USD dips.. why ... fed members talking about tapering QE...
  3. the fader

    What is your favourite indicator?

    fibonacci and bollinger bands
  4. the fader

    [Forex] - Trader Scouting and Prop Firms Overview and Comparison

    Hi Jack nice summary, i was wondering whether i could post information about the the funding program i am with.. not advertising it just might be of some interest to some people cheers
  5. the fader

    Who offer the best Economic Calendar? this also good... you can also select exotics/skandis/em markets as well if you trade them which forex factory doesn't provide
  6. the fader

    Hello from Belfast

    HI Folks, some how I stumbled on to this forum and I am glad I did. Looks really neat. I have been trading FX seriously for the past 2 years, and for the last 6 months with a funding program and trade for some private clients. My goal will be one day to go completely full time but for now its...
  7. the fader

    [Forex] - Trader Scouting and Prop Firms Overview and Comparison

    is that t4t as in traders4traders?
FTMO Trader Scouting