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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    Chirs Lori VS ICT

    Combined concepts to reason... You wont find a better understanding of "price" elsewhere
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    GdayFx UsdCad FX analysis high time frame to low time frame
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    How to trade fx and actually make money doing it

    You are a loser... You will never be able to make any profit to your account on a consitent bases You will over trade and retreat into thinking why You will lose your whole account, that you thought you could double in seconds flat You will search the web for an answer to the question, how do I...
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    Are you in profit or loss for 2016

    It does not matter if you are demo or real here, are you up or down as we start the new year off? Ok I will start it off.... My demo account is up and my real account is up, so far! lol Who gives a shit what you believe in and who you follow as a mentor. if you have your own trade management...
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    Trend Line Traders - Build Points

    Eur/Usd Daily
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    Market Maker Buy Models

    This is how we roll...
FTMO Trader Scouting