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    FXCM Raw Spread Pricing

    Did anyone else see that starting this Friday FXCM will be changing to a new pricing model? Their spreads will be the raw spreads that they get from their liquidity providers and they will then charge commission instead as their only form of making money. I think this is really cool and I am...
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    Inner Circle Trader Notes

    Hello everyone, So I have pretty much taken notes on every Inner Circle Trader video out there and I figure now that he is going on a break it would be a good time to share these notes. I will share them as I read through them once more and make sure that everything makes sense and is...
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    How does the spread affect my orders?

    I know I should probably know this after trading for about a year and a half, but can someone explain to me how the spread affects my orders when it comes to buying AND selling (preferably with pictures). For example, I tried to buy AUD/USD at .8988 and I did not get entered into the trade...
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    What Should Go Into A Trading Plan?

    Instead of actually posting our trading plans I figured it's better to talk about what is in our trading plans and what should be in our trading plans. I am attempting to put one together as I continue to learn and trade, but I always feel like I am missing something. Once I get it put...
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    Slug Short-Term Trading Journal

    I figured I would start my journal on a good day! Hopefully having it public will help me record journal entries when I lose (I tend to struggle with that). I started off reading the BabyPips FX School and various eBooks about trading in general. I have always traded a small live account (until...
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    Market Structure / Swing Points Question

    I am almost done reading & taking notes on "Larry Williams - Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading," and have a question on his talk about market structure. Below is a snippet of text from his Market Structure chapter: and then an image example: Doesn't the bar that the arrow is pointing...
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    Slug - Intro

    Hello traders, I am slug (real name is Nick) and I am 24 years old. My inspiration to trade came when I read an article about a 20 year old forex trader that dropped 320K on a bar tab in one night. That is certainly not what I would do with that much money, but I just started to imagine what it...
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    Trading Audio Books

    Hello all, I suppose this would fall under the category of trader development... I have just accepted an offer for a new job which will be in the city so I will be riding the bus to work every day soon. Does anyone have recommendations on some really good trading audio books? I would love to...
FTMO Trader Scouting