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    Entry point

    Absolutely agree! Double-checking trade entries is crucial. Adding to that, I'd recommend using a pre-trade checklist to ensure all conditions align with your strategy before executing.
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    Risk management

    it's a good approach as it adapts to market changes
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    When diving into forex trading, it's wise to start on solid ground with a platform that offers comprehensive educational resources and a user-friendly environment. Look for a broker that provides a robust demo account so you can practice strategies risk-free. Additionally, having access to...
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    is there someone have an open-source

    If you're looking for ready-made indicators in Python, you might want to check out libraries like TA-Lib and Pandas TA. These libraries offer a comprehensive collection of technical indicators which you can apply to stock market or gold market data to analyze and backtest your strategies.
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    is there someone have an open-source

    For backtesting trading strategies using Python, there are several open-source libraries you can explore. One of the most popular ones is Backtrader. It's highly flexible and allows you to backtest strategies with historical data to see how they would have performed. Another good option is...
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    Could you share some specific strategies or tips from either Jim Brown's?
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    Absolutely, discipline and consistency are the bedrock of successful trading. Skipping foundational steps or rushing the learning curve usually leads to mistakes and losses. Sticking to a well-thought-out trading plan and learning from each trade is crucial. It's all about patience and persistence.
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    running an EA

    I chose Axi Select primarily because it's very beginner-friendly with a super intuitive platform, which makes trading less daunting for me. They allow you to start with a low investment (500 USD), which is great because I didn't want to pour in a lot of money right off the bat. They also have...
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    running an EA

    I've been in the process of evaluating different prop firms and have narrowed my options down to Oanda and Axi Select. Both firms offer distinct advantages
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    Prop Firm

    Thank you, but there isn’t any information about many other brokers, such as Axi Select or Oanda (
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    increase your position size

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    Prop Firm

    I'm also looking for a prop firm with a solid reputation and a long history, offering real accounts rather than just demo ones.
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    What music do you listen to while you trade?

    Teddy Swims - Tennessee Whiskey (Live From Our Basement)
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    What music do you listen to while you trade?

    Teddy Swims - Lose Control
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    brokers talk

    Every setback is a stepping stone to greater success
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    mt4 or mt5?

    MT4 more then enough
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    trailing stop

    Key factors: market volatility, risk tolerance, and trade objectives. To determine the optimal trailing distance, it's essential to analyze historical price movements
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    Hello FX Gears | Introduction

    What do you think about Solana?
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    Hello FX Gears | Introduction

    What do you think will happen next with Bitcoin? Will it reach $100k?
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    NFTS to buy?

    NFT dead
FTMO Trader Scouting