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  1. jack

    Python Development Environment / Jack's Technology Stack

    Everything I've written can (and is) also running on Linux. The stack is Python + Qt5 + ZeroMQ .. etc.. all libraries are cross platform. The only dependence on Windows comes from apps that various brokers put out. That said, Interactive Broker's TWS platform (or API Gateway,) runs on Linux...
  2. jack

    Python Development Environment / Jack's Technology Stack

    UPDATE: My past method of connecting my algo stack to MetaTrader 5 was via ZeroMQ libraries and writing my own custom agents to translate between the two. However, as of May 2020, MetaQuotes has released an official Python library that connects directly to MT5. I am in the process of...
  3. jack

    Where is the best place to learn how to create a trading strategy ?

    Consider the free material that Adam Grimes put out on this MarketLifeTraidng website. The key thing is: Don't expect to be fed a working strategy. Expect to learn the process of how to develop your own. Anyone or any website trying to 'sell' you on a strategy alone is just trying to get your...
  4. jack

    Trading styles

    Firstly, hello and welcome! 1) I wouldn't say it's the "best" in general. It could be the best for you given any number of factors, but like anything there's huge trade-offs when you drill down to day trading over swing trading or position trading. Day trading is considered a very 'active'...
  5. jack

    Brokers for Canadians

    Canadians have a few options with trade-offs: "On shore" brokers with offices local to Canada that are well regulated, offer insurance against the broker going bust, and often come with cheap and fast bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals. Offshore brokers who can service Canadian...
  6. jack

    New algo trader here

    So only backtesting ideas or do you currently run them live? I'm a prop trader and have been in the industry for quite a few years.
  7. jack

    Hello traders

    Hello and welcome! How has your trading journey been so far?
  8. jack


    Hello and welcome to both of you! What has your trading experience been like so far?
  9. jack

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome! What has your experience been in the last 5 years? Trading FX only or other products as well?
  10. jack

    Python Development Environment / Jack's Technology Stack

    @MurderPony Yes, my background before business / finance / trading was IT and I did have a bunch of Cisco certs. Though I moved away from IT, so perhaps any response I give will be biased since it wasn't my passion and I moved on to trading. If you want my general advice: You don't do things...
  11. jack

    hello all

    Maybe @sven can chime in with his experience on this.. :)
  12. jack

    How to determine a good trade?

    Moving thread to Development and Psychology. To answer: Your question is very broad. Screen time / experience can't be replaced by anything though.. so getting as much screen time as possible goes a long way here.
  13. jack

    hello all

    Thanks for the kind words! :) I will say this: It's going to be really easy to keep burning time on code that is nice to have, but not absolutely required. As much as it might feel like "so much more needs to be done" try to remind yourself: "Not every job worth doing, is worth doing well."...
  14. jack

    Which broker?

    I strongly recommend Pepperstone to service clients in Asia. Their Australian office is ASIC regulated, excellent execution quality, and great customer service. There's a promo on right now for clients in Asia / Australia that makes your first 20 trades commission free if you use the promo...
  15. jack

    /r/algotrading's hall of fame threads

    Awesome! :) Welcome. What's your experience been so far? Maybe write an intro post with where you're at algotrading wise.
  16. jack

    Learning materials

    The wiki on /r/forex (which is our official subreddit,) has quite a few resources for people starting out or looking to grow:
  17. jack

    Is Forex is a rewarding business or not ?

    Rewarding is going to be subjective. Some people will feel "rewarded" based on the results.. like trading returns. Others will find the process itself rewarding and the money is just a byproduct of following (and enjoying) good process. People in the ladder category are typically better...
  18. jack


    Was it a desire to use Linux from the start? Or are you working with a library or API that only supports it? I use both Windows and Linux depending on the work being done.
  19. jack


    Hello and welcome! How has your trading journey been so far?
  20. jack

    /r/algotrading's hall of fame threads

    As some of you know, I also mod for /r/algotrading on reddit. Recently I called out for community submissions for a "hall of fame" on /r/algotrading. Members responded with the threads they felt significantly contributed to their own progress, or were otherwise great resources for the...