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    Hi Everyone, am new here but not new to trading.

    Welcome to the forum, I would like to suggest that as you said that you are not new in Forex trading but have not succeed in Forex yet. You should learn the basics of forex again and should have a mentor who can help you how to avoid loss in Forex and then start again and try to not repeat same...
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    Recommended Books and Videos

    Great, these videos and book can be very helpful for a trader to become a successful trader. Very recommended.
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    Forex trading strategy - 5forextrading

    Great effort, plz contnue sharing such a great strategy you have, it might help a trader to go ahead and make profit.
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    How to determine a good trade?

    Trading blindly is not sustainable, just like gambling. The real work is to learn about your good trade. When you stick to your trading method then it will become easy to choose right trade, based on your experience. What do you think?
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    Forex Trading Versus Binary Options: Which One Is Better?

    In my openion, Forex is better then Binary Options. In forex, there are no limits to how much money a trader can make or lose, unless they use certain tools to control trading. One tool is a stop loss, which prevents traders from losing more than a certain amount. In other words, once the...
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    Which broker?

    I am curious to know which broker is best for Asian market?
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    Learning materials

    babypips school is the best place to learn Forex trading.
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    Is Forex is a rewarding business or not ?

    If we do good trading in Forex and we always do proper planning and analysis before doing trading we can get very good results from this business I think no other business can give us a that much return which Forex trading gives us we can earn so much money from forex in very small time?
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    is it fair cut if you are trading manually?
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    Risk Reward Ratio MT4/MT5

    Is it use MT5 platform?
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    What is your favourite indicator?

    Candle formations
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    Armada Feedback

    I like Armada Markets Forex broker because the do not have any restrictions in trading and I can trade any strategies, even news trading. I have once also withdrawn my profit from Armada and they didn't have any problems with it.
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    Newbie calls

    Great video you have found. This video can help you to learn Forex and make money.
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    Forex Calendar

    Do the Forex calanders always help us to fine right direction in Forex trading?
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    Simple Forex Tester

    I have already used Back tester and found it a good product.
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    What is leverage?

    What is leverage in forex trading and how we can trade with leverage with our broker?
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    Armada or Tickmill

    Tickmill is best, low spread with good customer support.
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    Learn from the Generals of the Markets

    Can we copy other's trading strategy and plan and can trade according to the experienced trader's who are already successful in Forex?
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    FX Pro

    I am looking to open a demo account with them and then will decide to trade with live account if my demo experience will be good.
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    Trading is simple but need a lot of hard work and struggle to make good profit with it. Always follow the trends of the market and have a good strategy.