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    Forex or Stock trading?

    As a novice trader who finds stock trading more appealing, I would choose stock trading. It resonates with me due to its connection with individual companies and their long-term value potential. I appreciate the stability that established companies can offer, along with the opportunity to...
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    Free time in trading?

    Forex can offer flexible hours but involves significant risk and stress. Thorough education, a clear plan, and disciplined risk management are crucial for success.
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    Do you guys think that money can buy happiness?

    While money can ease stress and provide comfort, it doesn't guarantee happiness. Wealth can't replace deeper sources of fulfillment, like relationships and well-being. Financial security matters, but happiness is multifaceted
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    discipline and risk management traders allies

    Сould you elaborate on how trading on higher time frames helped you address impulsiveness and how it led to greater profitability and safety for your account?
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    discipline and risk management traders allies

    How did you come to realize that focusing on psychology and mental capital protection suits you better than adhering to strict discipline in your trading approach?
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    SOFR is here. How will it affect your set-up. (Fundamental affecting technical)

    Could you explain the role of SOFR as a benchmark interest rate indicator and how it affects financial markets?
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    How did you personally approach studying charts to develop your own successful trading strategy?
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    What common mistakes are often made when implementing these strategies, and how can they be avoided?
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    The reason behind losing money

    What strategies or methods do you use to avoid being drawn into the market and prevent losses?
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    Trading signals

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    Hello Fxgears Community.

    Have you noticed any differences in your trading approach between your main pair and your second choice?
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    Ichimoku indicator

    Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using the Ichimoku indicator for analyzing market trends?
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    Trading signals

    also can be: BabyPips and FXStreet
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    Trading signals

    some reputable sources for transparent FX signals include Myfxbook, Forex Peace Army, TradingView
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    Trading signals

    When evaluating trading signals, consider track record, transparency, risk-reward ratio, market conditions, timeframes, customer reviews, support, real-time alerts, costs, and compatibility.
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    Mobile app

    And of course reliable mobile app are crucial for trading on-the-go.
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    Mobile app

    Intuitive user interface, advanced charting tools, and various order types to facilitate efficient trading. Additionally, real-time data, analytical tools
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    The reason behind losing money

    The lack of discipline, knowledge and of course greed.
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    Need help

    Great advice
FTMO Trader Scouting