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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    Central Bank Dealers Range Indicator

    send mt please
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    The Rumpled One's indicators

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    ICT float (modified indicator by kate682)

    Manage your own sheet! if you are better than ict than where are you?why you people are not showing some own good sheet? ict is still showing and people watching and learning.i learned a lot from ict and trading in my way .you can check my sheet...
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    Central Bank Dealing Range (CDR) with ICT Asia Range Combo

    hi check youtube videos by ict
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    Monthly - Weekly - Daily Average True Range Indicator

    I AM NEW HERE.PLEASE EXPLAIN AND HELP To Use : - Just drag the script to the TIME1 & PRICE1 position on the chart. - Clicking on the script (ie not dragging) will extend selected lines, of that color, one candle to the right, as well was making the line perfectly horizontal -Making multiple...
FTMO Trader Scouting