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  1. sebking1986

    Hello, I'm new here.

    Hi Dennis and welcome! Which videos are you watching mostly?
  2. sebking1986

    ICT Indicators

    I honestly think searching these out without the use of an indicator is far better for a deeper understanding personally.
  3. sebking1986

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Mate come on now that's not a H&S pattern. What's with the extra shoulder there before the drop? What it was, was clear manipulation to create a premium within the range, take out the recent stop losses above the highs and then sell it.
  4. sebking1986

    ICMarkets transfer delay

    Must have been unlucky. Can't say I've ever had it take more than handful of minutes in my experience
  5. sebking1986


    Are you in his mentorship or do you mean his more recent YouTube content?
  6. sebking1986

    SMT Divergence

    I tend to use the Oanda feed and then if I find it happening check my broker feed on MT4 to confirm.
  7. sebking1986

    Jokes Thread

    Off the mark well with this one lol
  8. sebking1986

    Where is that thread?

    Which thread?
  9. sebking1986

    Am I stupid for attempting algotrading stocks first?

    All have to find our path. Not the one I'd take personally but we're all different. I came into trading via EAs and many would say that was stupid (I'd be inclined to agree.
  10. sebking1986

    Help with margin/ leverage small account

    You're looking at it in $$$ terms too much. Let's say you take a trade that goes 3% your way and let's say that equals $30. That's the same win as someone with an account 100 times bigger than you taking the same risk and making $3000. Stop trying to make $ and focus on making %. And ffs stop...
  11. sebking1986

    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    Life is going to slap a lot of people about if they come at it with that mindset.
  12. sebking1986

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,

    I literally don't see the point of this article. While inoffensive it serves no purpose whatsoever.
  13. sebking1986

    how do you go about merging your knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis for forex trading

    I don't think you will ever get "full" knowledge of fundamentals if you primarily trade technicals, nor do I think you need to. You just need to be aware of certain news events and that these will result on runs on liquidity as you understand it from ICT.
  14. sebking1986

    Hello, colleagues! My first post on FXGears

    Have you been full time for the 20 years if at all? Sure you have lots to share with the community
  15. sebking1986

    ICT concepts

    I think so and having studied it helps me to read the markets. There are those who claim his students don't trade or can't trade and he's a complete fraud but I just go with what has worked for me. I gain nothing for saying it does or doesn't work. It might not work for you and that's fine. But...
  16. sebking1986

    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    I sometimes find trading specific books can be too niche and what I need are broader books around the psychology of money and our relationship with it.
  17. sebking1986

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    What news and based on what?
  18. sebking1986

    50% discount on TradingView Pro when paying with Bitcoin / Crypto

    Always do similar deals around Black Friday too!
  19. sebking1986

    Buying Bitcoin

    You'll need an exchange anyway but they are a simple and effective place to buy it for sure
  20. sebking1986


    No worries at all. Hopefully clear what the bullish breaker would look like on that basis as well.
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