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  1. Swiss_cheese

    question on interactive broker

    I opened an account with Interactive Brokers last year, but I really didn't get on with it. There's so much red tape to navigate, I found the platform and whole experience to be really clunky. I was trying to purchase some stock from the French market and it was saying I had to request...
  2. Swiss_cheese

    C.O.T. reports for Stock Indices?

    Please update the thead if you ever find it, I would be interested to have a look at it.
  3. Swiss_cheese

    Help with margin/ leverage small account

    Have you tried playing around with some forex margin calculators?
  4. Swiss_cheese

    Where is that thread?

    I must have missed it too
  5. Swiss_cheese

    Hello, I'm new here.

    Hi Dennis, pleased to meet you. What instruments do you like to trade?
  6. Swiss_cheese

    ICMarkets transfer delay

    I've had it take a few minutes before, but never 20. Did you get onto customer support?
  7. Swiss_cheese

    Do you guys think that money can buy happiness?

    I would say it can't 'buy happiness', but it sure can help prevent worry and stress which could prevent some sadness. Having enough to be comfortable and do what you like will get you to the equilibrium
  8. Swiss_cheese


    Hello there Jah, how's the trading going?
  9. Swiss_cheese

    Looking for profitable crypto trading strategies for institutional capital

    I'm sure corporate investors would do a little more due diligence than trust this kind of 'investor'
  10. Swiss_cheese

    Non tradable symbol

    What time was it? Was the market open?
  11. Swiss_cheese

    50% discount on TradingView Pro when paying with Bitcoin / Crypto

    Doing the same myself mate, this big drop really is the time to be DCAing!
  12. Swiss_cheese

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Keen to see some updated forecast here guys! Is the bottom is, or do we have further to fall?
  13. Swiss_cheese

    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    So many people want to run before they can walk...
  14. Swiss_cheese

    Am I stupid for attempting algotrading stocks first?

    Interested to hear how you got on. Definitely not stupid if you are trading stocks via leveraged CFD. Technical analysis can work on any chart. Trading is about making gains. Choose your poison.
  15. Swiss_cheese

    Always Learning; Ask Me Anything

    Sounds like you have quite the career ahead of you. Some very fruitful skills you have there. What made you want to get into forex out of interest?
  16. Swiss_cheese


    Welcome on board. Work hard and you will succeed!
  17. Swiss_cheese

    Points not Dollars, and Non-Monetary Trading Goals

    Same here, I take my targets off the charts too
  18. Swiss_cheese

    Crypto Algo Platforms

    Have you done a thorough search on YouTube?
  19. Swiss_cheese

    Recent volatility/commodities

    Markets have been in turmoil lately. I think many people are finding it difficult to trade. Sometimes better to take a break if you hit a loosing streak, sit back, watch, analyze.
  20. Swiss_cheese

    Trading System recommended

    If anyone is giving out holly grails, please send one over this way too
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