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    Scamming brokers

    Hello no Thanks to God. haha what happened to you? Is there something wrong with your broker?
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    remain loyal to a single broker?

    Being loyal to anything is a significant concern to me, and if the brokers are doing well, why shouldn't I be? I am now working with one and am happy with him so far.
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    developing a strong mindset

    Try to improve your risk management and the plans and have some breaks developing a strong mindset and managing emotions is a continuous process. It's essential to find techniques that work for you
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    Trading news in a perfect way

    Hello Ethan. Actually no I don't coz my broker does not allow me and have no experience on that.
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    MT4 frizzing

    Hello all Have you ever experienced freezing chart issues on MT4? If so, what steps have you taken to troubleshoot and resolve these problems? It is frustrating. PS: I know today the market is closed.
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    brokers with promotions

    Oh, hello there! Do you believe that brokers that offer promotions should be subject to stricter regulations? since some people in other forums are strict about that.
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    Which one do you prefer? mt4, mt5, or a custom-built web trader by the broker.

    hey guys. whats up? I really need your help on this question, If you have to choose one , which one would be your choice? mt4, mt5 or brokers' own web trader designed.
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    Hi I am new here

    Hello welcome to FXGear community I hope you a great trade experience with all of that.
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    mt4 or mt5?

    I use MT4, I have not used that. no experience with that.
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    running an EA

    If you're running an EA on your trading platform, there are a few things you gotta keep in mind. First up, backtesting is your BFF - it'll help you figure out if your EA is actually gonna make you any money. Then, you'll wanna do some optimization to find the sweet spot between profit and risk...
FTMO Trader Scouting