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  1. jack

    Currency strength meter.

    What style of strength indicator? Do you mean just a currency index, like a graph of a given currency against all others?
  2. jack

    Liquidity Providing and Pure Arbitrage with XRP (and other crypto) on Coinfield

    Coinfield uses the TradingView library (which TV provides to third parties who want to feed it with their own data.) CoinField then uses TV charts with CoinField data in their web platform. A lot of people do this.. even you can use the TV library for your own projects... you can read more...
  3. jack

    Python Development Environment / Jack's Technology Stack

    Side note: Darwinex just posted a series of videos on using ZeroMQ with MT4. It's very detailed and Darwinex has really polished off their ZeroMQ to MT4 code over the last few years. This interface will let people do what I'm doing here; run the business logic of their code externally to MT4...
  4. jack

    " I Cunt Trade " review thread

    LOL.. I was going to post this one here when it came across my feed. Just solid gold comedy... Did you catch all the DMs that got posted where ICT was bragging about getting more subscription signups from all this attention? Sad...
  5. jack

    Liquidity Providing and Pure Arbitrage with XRP (and other crypto) on Coinfield

    .... the BTC/XRP exchange pair has been giving up off market prints like mad over the last 48 hours... smaller size but consistently filling. Again, this arb is still going strong:
  6. jack

    Liquidity Providing and Pure Arbitrage with XRP (and other crypto) on Coinfield

    I’m about to talk about something most traders would keep a secret as long as possible. I’m about to explain, in detail, how even a small retail trader can take advantage of market making and arbitrage strategies in crypto markets. And it starts with a Canadian crypto exchange named Coinfield…...
  7. jack

    ACMBrokers Review

    Guessing you're a rep for them? Not a problem if so, just don't drop links to the broker outside of this thread.
  8. jack

    FXGears now on Instagram! @FXGears Be some of the first followers of the official FXGears instagram account! Content will mostly be satire, some motivational stuff, and some trading advice! Once enough followers build up we will be linking back to threads that are worth a read!
  9. jack

    Indicator that attempts to identify an Order Block

    Failing that, also consider running MT4 for just charts then execute on MT5. You can run both at the same time and you'd only need a demo account for the MT4 instance.
  10. jack

    Indicator that attempts to identify an Order Block

    The file provided was an EX4.. I might be able to convert it for people, or at least see how difficult the process would be, if someone can provide the original MQL4 source file. (Please don't decompile the EX4 file as the resulting code is very difficult to understand.)
  11. jack

    Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

    Are you algo trading? Have you written a custom trading bot? Did you buy into an MT4 or MT5 expert advisor? Or maybe you just want to collect data without running your home PC 24 hours a day? If so, a VPS might just be for you! Main considerations: Latency - This is a measurement of time...
  12. jack

    New Addition to the family

    Hello and welcome! How has your trading been lately?
  13. jack

    *NEW* Forum Software upgrade - Our chat has more than 500+ people online - and other things...

    Hello FXGears Members! Very happy to announce a few things: The forum software just had a major update. This has stripped out the custom theme, so the forum will look a bit basic for the next few weeks, but the changes under the hood are well worth it! :) Expect more social media integration...
  14. jack

    Registered users will no longer see Adsense Ads when logged in!

    Just a quick update: Adsense ads (google ads) will only be displayed to guests (non-registered) users who browse the forum. Registration now has the added perk seeing less ads! (Forum sponsor banners on the front page and in select threads will still be shown; this only affects google's ad...
  15. jack


    How about a question that matters: Has anyone been able to take $10k+ withdrawals out from hugosway via wire or other means? How long was the process? Any delays? What payment method? etc.. speak up!
  16. jack

    Price Action with CndlstckChic

    These are words. . . I'm not sure how much sense they made to other people but these are sure words. Clarity please.. in basic english. Be clear and exact.
  17. jack

    Post your trading / workstations!

    WOW... been a while and my first post here brings back memories... I figured I'd share my setup now and get things rollin again: A little messy.. but that's my current trading station. 2x 25" ultra wide LG monitors (21:9 ratio) take the center and provide the majority of the pixels. Each...
  18. jack

    Should non-members be able to see/download attachments?

    It was settled that guests need to register before being able to download attachments and such a long while ago. Generally speaking, we get literally thousands of internet users per month looking to extract value without contributing so a signup asking for their email isn't a lot to ask.
  19. jack

    Turnkey Forex

    Never heard of them. What about them do you like over better known/regulated brokers?
  20. jack


    Bar patterns are very machine readable.. makes any edge found there muted if there at all. Many software packages can test bar patterns against any data you toss at it.. most anything yielded fails to cover frictional costs in trading. If you employ them.. they should some trigger for entry /...