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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    In my opinion, the "Trend Attack" strategy is the most profitable. From the name of this strategy, it is obvious that cryptocurrency trading will be carried out only according to the trend. Due to some tools, it will be possible to weed out flat areas. Despite the rather rare stops, the trader...
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    When I drain a lot of money, I have an independent struggle with depression – a difficult and not always effective occupation. Travel, sports, hobbies, giving up bad habits, proper nutrition and communication with loved ones will help to improve the condition. It is impossible to get rid of...
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    Looking for profitable crypto trading strategies for institutional capital

    I think you should search something on internet
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    Which broker?

    In order to start working on the Forex market, you need to decide on a broker who will provide you with access to the market. This is a very important stage and it is necessary to approach it with all seriousness. After all, in the end, a broker is your partner with whom you will have a business...
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    newbie from Ghana

    But I am not new to trading. So if you have some questions you are welcome. I would suggest you start to learn some basic indicators, such as Macd, rsi, and volume. You can easily find reversals with these indicators. Also, a strength indicator is a must-have. The currency strength meter is a...
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    Which broker?

    I wouldn't recommend using leverage for beginners.
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    What is your favourite indicator?

    But when you use indicators you should not forget about fundamental analysis. technical analysis doesn't work always. Some bad news can destroy all your gold patterns, Fibonacci, etc. So fundamental analysis is in the first place. Also if you are a beginner you can choose someone to follow, but...
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    ICT Indicators

    Thank you!
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    What is your favourite indicator?

    i love rsi and macd the most, very easy to predict the reversal
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    Trading styles

    I think that day trading is the hardest tyle and it is not for the beginners for sure. If you are a beginner, try to buys some assets and follow them. That would be a kind of investing. Try to follow how the price reacts on fundamentals, ta, macd, rsi. And then try trading.
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    Which broker?

    I use IBKR, never had troubles with them nd they have discounts if you are under 24
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    Hi everyone !

    Hi, welcome to the forum!
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    Howdy! Beginner from US

    Hello, malfoy, welcome to the forum)
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    hello from Cyprus

    Hi, Nick. Welcome to the forum ;)
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    newbie from Ghana

    Hello! I am new here as well.)
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