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    Pepperstone Feedback

    Dear Jack, thank you very much for your help as always, I will be organising the additional GBP and USD accounts this week, thanks again and good trades! ;)
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    Pepperstone Feedback

    Guys please could I ask your experience, I am currently trading with Pepperstone and wish to request another GBP account via the control panel, my question please is 'is there a fee for perhaps 'internal transfer' from one Pepper account to another of my Pepper accounts?' I am in the planning...
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    Biography and Autobiography Books

    Currently researching market/trading related biography and autobiography books and written accounts and would like to invite fellow traders if they had recently read anything they would like to share please, I am considering to begin reading Micheal Lewis's Liar's Poker which contains in part an...
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    EUR / AUD

    Hi Jack thanks for your comments, I always appreciate your experienced view :)) I am watching also the inverse/negative correlation pairs too, I find it helps me with confirmation/non-confirmation going in for the kill so to speak! Good trades! ;)
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    EUR / AUD

    Thank you Doc for the Average Daily Range figures, yes the EURAUD certainly has been making some very nice travels of recent when compared to the Majors! :)) Good Trades!
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    EUR / AUD

    Hey guys, hadn't charted EURAUD until yesterday and took another trade on this beauty today, I must say upon first glance that this pair certainly achieves good swings/ its character seems to go further than most other pairs that I have traded, I wondered why this pair seemed to go the extra...
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    Pepperstone Feedback

    :-[ Oops my apologies, I can see it now, emberassed I was looking in the wrong place, typical hehe. I just needed to reread the step through to understand properly, thanks again for your help Jack ;) Good trades your way!
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    Pepperstone Feedback

    Hi Jack, thank you kindly for your help, I tried following the instructions on the Pepperstone page this morning but I am having difficulty as when I get to the 'Properties' part, I do not seem to have this showing on my MT4? Unless I am looking in the wrong place! Appreciate your help as always. ;)
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    Pepperstone Feedback

    Re: Pepperstone Swap Rates Hey guys, please can anyone advise as to how to see the swap rates in the MT4 software for the currencies please? I go into market watch, select symbols, choose a pair, but there is no 'properties' selection for where to view the Swap rates for each pair. Thank you...
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    What kind of music do you listen to while you trade?

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    What does the broker see?

    Thank you very much guys for the replies and detailed information, that is very good information to know thanks. Just to share also the feedback with you, I had some time free time after the market yesterday and being curious I thought it would be good to have some feedback from the brokers...
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    What does the broker see?

    I have always niavely wondered when using software like MT4 what the broker can see their end, I presume that they can see our charts and indicators that we use if they wished? Just out of curiosity does anyone know if this is possible? Very interesting as I have always wondered, I would assume...
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    Exercise and Understanding the Impact of Trading on your Emotions

    Great thread! Excercise and diet really helps to de-stress after a long day at the charts, alongside a good healthy diet and plentiful sleep this keeps me in top trading performance. Add to this yoga, meditation and sunday walks too! ;)
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    Post your trading / workstations!

    well spotted! :)) :thumbsup:
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    What kind of music do you listen to while you trade?
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    Pepperstone Feedback

    Hey Jack, thank you kindly for your feedback and I hope that you are well! I may try the local bank transfer option as I don't mind waiting a few days for the transfer. I'll try the CC option later on and the CC I use is denominated in the same currency I am depositing, thanks for your help...
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    Pepperstone Feedback

    Guys, quick question please regarding funding an account with Pepperstone if I may, I notice from the login control panel we are able to fund via Bank Wire / TT / Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit /Debit Card. With regards to the Credit /Debit Card Fund transfer, are there any other fees...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hey Lee, welcome! See you in the forum! ;)
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    Greetings weary travellers

    Hey John, welcome! See you in the forum! :thumbsup:
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    Warm greetings fellow traders

    Why thank you foreigner for the warm welcome! I very much admire your trading workstation you shared with us here at FXGears, I truly appreciate such fine taste and the attention to detail, it says a lot about the owner. ;)
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