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    Biography and Autobiography Books

    Currently researching market/trading related biography and autobiography books and written accounts and would like to invite fellow traders if they had recently read anything they would like to share please, I am considering to begin reading Micheal Lewis's Liar's Poker which contains in part an...
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    What does the broker see?

    I have always niavely wondered when using software like MT4 what the broker can see their end, I presume that they can see our charts and indicators that we use if they wished? Just out of curiosity does anyone know if this is possible? Very interesting as I have always wondered, I would assume...
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    Positive Quotes for Motivation

    Welcome to the Positive Quotes for Motivation Thread :D Feel free to share any of your favourite quotes or perhaps it is a writing which really motivates you! Lets do it! :))
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    Warm greetings fellow traders

    I would like to wish everyone here at a fantastic beginning to 2014 and the fortune of good trading. I am very thankful to join the community here at, several members have helped me when I had questions and always a warm welcome. There is a good vibe here and I look...
FTMO Trader Scouting