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    50% discount on TradingView Pro when paying with Bitcoin / Crypto

    Aww man that's so dope !! Knew I wasn't completely bonkers DCA btc on Instacoins and hoarding it on my Ledger lol Time to splurge on a pro + account
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    Always Learning; Ask Me Anything

    Sounds like your quite driven and will be quite suited to Forex learning and the demands it can place on people
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    Hi and welcome aboard. Take your time it's a marathon not a race use a demo account practice proper money management and good luck
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    Trading System recommended

    Supply and Demand really filters out the noise on the charts getting those nice RR trades
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    ICT Core Visual Ideas

    Why even bother chasing him so much where they all business partners before or something else that caused this beef ?
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    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    Yes it's the current state of modern culture they want to be good at and succeed straight away it's just not practical or realistic
  7. J

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Seems like we're going for that OB at $12k hopefully we start a new bull run there
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    Looking for profitable crypto trading strategies for institutional capital

    That's a strange ask are you providing a Crypto hedge fund service or planning ti invest like one ?
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    Trading styles

    You gotta make the time . Leave Netflix off and spend 1 hour of watch time on your strategy. Pick a strategy that suits your lifestyle best
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    Recent volatility/commodities

    It has become harder but maybe sit back and wait for better market structure. What commodities do you trade friend
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    ICT concepts

    Yeah this new series is excellent the value he gives for free is amazing really
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    Instant gratification pandemic You have a marvellous way of conveying lack of patience stealing this !!
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    Is trading your main source of income?

    It's a side source of income. I hope it will be my main however I use other passive income streams and do delivery work which is flexible pays well too
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    ICT Mikey Rekt

    Unbelievable waste of time and energy Either use ICTs teachings or simply ignore and find alternatives that suit you too much negativity
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    Risk Reward Ratio MT4/MT5

    It is free access buddy just click on the link follow the instructions
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    Very nice explanation of a breaker block. Love these ICT concepts they make sense even if they take some to sink in
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    Buying Bitcoin

    With Mt. Gox supposedly dumping 140,000 BTC which If it does will most likely will cause a flash crash I'm buying that crash ! Coinbase been dicks again limiting my buy orders luckily I have Instacoins as a backup . Just can't be arsed with another exchange again . Where do people see bitcoin...
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    Hi everyone!

    Yup you can see on his profile it's been a year since he's been active unfortunately does happen
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    Best place to start or even find your trading feet after some failed strategies
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    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    Brilliant book really got me to focus on price Action and on the importance of zones not just random patterns mid chart or sets of candles
FTMO Trader Scouting