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  1. Swiss_cheese


    Any updates on how you been getting on? Or another 1 post wonder?
  2. Swiss_cheese

    HOWTO: (Easily) install the latest Metatrader 4 (MT4) on Linux Mint 19

    Sometimes I wish I was nerdy enough to use Linux
  3. Swiss_cheese

    Battle of the Platforms: Metatrader vs cTrader

    Ctrader has some nice features, but still can't beat good old MT4. I love the simplicity, has the most EAs and Indicators, plus it's the most widely used
  4. Swiss_cheese

    FXGears now on Instagram!

    How have I only just seen this post?? Followed! You have not been active for a long time....
  5. Swiss_cheese

    Hi everyone

    Welcome, I am also a big fan of crypto and stocks. Pleased to Emeet you.
  6. Swiss_cheese

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    This fake break doesn't seem to have a great deal of power so far.....
  7. Swiss_cheese

    Purposeful Practice, sizing up, and why to Keep a Trading Journal

    Really wish I had been keeping a journal all these years. Never too late to start I guess
  8. Swiss_cheese

    Hello everyone, I'm new in forex trading

    Looks like he hasn't been back since..... Keen to hear more if you return chap
  9. Swiss_cheese

    Buying Bitcoin

    Anyone reckon we'll even see $30k again??
  10. Swiss_cheese

    How to setup Twitter to stream the latest FX and Economic news for 2020 and 2021!

    Biden hasn't quite got the same twitter presence as Trump had has he..... I used to love the Trump indicator haha
  11. Swiss_cheese


    Do you find TA works the same on stocks as it does on forex?
  12. Swiss_cheese

    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    I will be downloading a few of these on to the kindle. Thanks
  13. Swiss_cheese

    Almost sure the broker is a scam, but I do not understand this!?

    Remember the phrase "bonus brokers are for jokers" No such thing as a free meal, they are mouse traps.
  14. Swiss_cheese

    Post your trading / workstations!

    Nice! Are you running 2 desktop computers there?
  15. Swiss_cheese

    Cognitive Bias and Trading

    Fantastic English skills if it's not in you 3 first languages!
  16. Swiss_cheese

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    The dream of picking up some nice $20k bargains is slowly fading away.
  17. Swiss_cheese

    Risk/reward tool

    Half the time I'm not logged in. Depends which browser I use. Had a look, but couldn't see it
  18. Swiss_cheese

    ICT - Michael J. Huddleston

    I think we can all relate to this!!
  19. Swiss_cheese

    Focus on the trading process not the money

    An old post but the words still ring true today!
FTMO Trader Scouting