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    What did I learn in 2013?

    to be more open minded:: there are many more ways to trade than just my method to look at more exotic pairs
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    Post your trading / workstations!

    Also::: Is that a Steam login window? :P
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    Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide - InnerCircleTrader

    Nice!! ~~ sounds like you understand it plenty :P
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    Slug Short-Term Trading Journal

    Still finding good setups? How are your results coming along?
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    Post your trading / workstations!

    Wow. What's your power bill like with all that running? What do you trade? Are the monitors required for your trading style?
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    Fibonacci's Or At Least How I Use Them...

    Waiting for the extreme retrace levels is different from how I've seen fibs being used, but I like it. a more precise entry, meaning tighter stops, always good
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    Intoductions thread?

    Should we have one?
FTMO Trader Scouting