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    ICT going haywire :D the tweets are autodeleting,but some faster, some slower.. :liar: :liar: In the meantime he also became a prophet,whos doing gods work.. :hail: :hail: Kinda starting to remind me of this guy.. :nuts: :nuts: ANyways, everybody knows he...
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    The Pitbull

    A great podcast from one of the best! Enjoy! -P
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    The 1mio curvebell

    Hi guys! Okie. So as promised, here will be shared a million dollar journey pretty soon, with a myfx account link shared(1st and last public performance). Updated screenshots planned to be posted every day.Something like the pic down(yea training a bit 8)).Not sure yet if i'll start with 5,2 or...
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    The following is frome Zen and the art of poker. A worthy book for traders.All you need is to change the word poker to trading and folding to waiting :) “Let’s go over to the casino and fold hands for four or five hours.” “Let’s drive over to the poker parlor and see how many hands we can stay...
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    The Secret of the worlds gold The new york fed Ponzi scheme......:) -Germany here. -Yes....? -Can we drop by the ny fed and inventory our stored german gold..? -Nope........... it is a security issue. -Can you take pictures of all the skids...
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    Armada or Tickmill

    Testing them for a while now. Great broker, with straight away feed. Decided to post this after yesterdays announcment(the swissy slashing brokers left to right): Extreme moves of EURCHF brought high risks for losses, but also amazing possibilities for profit! We are glad to see clients...
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    Mind over Market A nice interview with some core psychology principles.
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    Top Days or so called ICT Power of 3 easily explained

    Pics speak for them selves. Cheers
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    Golden Bull

    Hi! Generally been trading for 4+ years. Mostly tech analysis. Trading my own system that i've developed from scraps found here and there.Been happy to see this site, since i do understand the utter importance of mental toughness and psychology in this business,and not enough places dealing with...
FTMO Trader Scouting