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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    For sure these are the same people selling that will buy at 70K lol
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    Battle of the Platforms: Metatrader vs cTrader

    Me too i just feel at home there lol its so 80s but so easy to use as well
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    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    What are people's thoughts on the Naked Trader? heard its good thinking of giving that a go next
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    SessionKillZones - SessionOpenLines - and a handy utility

    Nice thanks! ill definitely give these a try
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    FXGears now on Instagram!

    Nice ill follow today!
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Definitely see the logic behind the analysis. As you say thought BTC wont end with this only a healthy correction
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Still seems to be collecting orders in that range but i think your analysis is still very valid
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    Buying Bitcoin

    Definitely liquidity to be taken. It is still in a large range seemingly collecting a lot of orders
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    So few are actually willing to put the work in. They try it for 3-6months and they're gone
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Definitely agree, things seem to take an age with him at the helm. Very frustrating for all involved id say
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    Cognitive Bias and Trading

    I really like this too. It is often the under utilised part of trading, psychology, many speak about it but not many actually do anything about it. I liked this book too
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    So true, its a narrative that suits them and gives them the 'moral' high ground to ban it or regulate it. All predicated on what they want to spin
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    ICT - Michael J. Huddleston

    Found that too, it is something you can use to create your own edge and strategy which is good in a way
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Definitely will be interesting and also now FCA in the UK banning BTC ATMs
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    5 Ways To Make Money From The Markets Without Capital

    For sure there's no such thing as a free lunch. Also everything for the most part requires work and i would rather work on my trading
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    Reminds of a quote i love 'its not what you don't know that'll get you into trouble, it's thinking you know something that just isn't so'
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    FTMO Journey

    The discipline in keeping your rules tight or the management really seems to affect people doesnt it! persistence is so key
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    Risk/reward tool

    I like this one too for sure
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    There is a wealth of info here and on YT they key is to stick with one and not hop from one to the next. You need to use that strategy and backtest it then forward test it. You need to see it working. Its too simple to look for a strategy you have to put the work in and trial some that you like...
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    FTMO Journey

    Nice to see, Itll be great to have a transparent account of a journey. Things never go in a straight line so get to see how you get on
FTMO Trader Scouting