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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    I would recommend looking on you tube, there are lots of great video's on there. I would definitely look into ICT's methods, I have found them very helpful.
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    A new member to the community

    Welcome to the group. Never be afraid to head back to a demo account to test out strategies. Always use a stop loss and never risk more than 3% of your account in any one trade. That's my top tips, good luck to you. Keep us updated on how you get on.
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    Andrei, Romania

    Welcome to the group. I am in the middle of learning ICT's methods. It's a lot to take in but seems to a great way to trade. I just trade my own capital, feels too risky to use prop firms.
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    Welcome to the group. tells us a little more about yourself, how long have you been trading?
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    Trader Motivation

    Well that makes sense, but it's a little vague. Would be great to know what it takes to become a pro trader.
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    Newbie from Canada

    Welcome, I know what you mean, the amount of info to learn can be really quite overwhelming. I think the key is to take it stage by stage and don't put too much pressure on yourself to know it all straight away. You need to study to trade in the same way that would to become a teacher or...
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    Experienced traders, do you still lose due to emotions?

    It's very difficult to not let emotions get involved. I find it hardest when there is more at risk therefore, I like to work on a low risk strategy. Never risk more than 3% of my account on any one trade. I also find it good to take a bit of time out. It allows you refresh and reflect on what...
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    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    Some great points there. It's really nice when people share their experiences. I think too many fall into the trap of the spammers. Too many put trust in strangers thinking they can make them some money.
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Great analysis. Good to see we should still have faith in Bitcoin, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster recently and I find it hard to know where it's going to go next. Will keep an eye out for more of your threads, very informative and easy to read. Thanks.
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    New here

    Hello & welcome to the group. Are you finding your way round ok? Lots of helpful threads here, so much to learn if you have only been trading for 5 months. I would still class myself as a newbie and I have been trading for a good couple of years.
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    How to acquire free historical Tick and Bar data for algo trading and backtesting in 2020! [Stocks, Forex, and Crypto Currency]

    nice i have bought tick data from duckstory as never found any decent data for free will check this out
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    Indicator that attempts to identify an Order Block

    would love to know more for sure thanks
FTMO Trader Scouting