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    Autoset SL EA for MT4

    hey guys. i am looking for an EA for mt4 that automatically sets a SL of X pips on a positon the moment the position is opened. i googled a bit but so far i only found some really old ones and people are complaining about them being slow AF. does anyone have a realiable and fast one by any...
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    Time Alert Indicator

    I am probably just dumb, but i cant find an indicator into which i can plug in a time at which i will get a sound alert (if price reaches it). of course you think "why not use some random alarm clock" (not even in mt4). i want to use this on a range bar chart. the x-axis on those is still time...
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    News Reactions

    Hi guys, does anyone know a webpage that shows intraday charts (down to m5 or m1) with marked historical news releases? just want to have a look at price reactions following releases. the info if expectations were met, over- or undershoot would also be essential. alternatively an mt4 indicator...
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    Looking for an indicator..

    that i can attach to e.g. an m1 chart (MT4), that just tells me if the current price is above or below the price X candles ago. does anyone know such an indicator? i would need it to compare current price with multiple other prices (e.g. 10 candles ago, 100 candles ago, 1000 candles ago) IF i...
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    Trading Market Flow / Market Structure Statistics

    Hey guys, it's me again. In my other journal thread (cointegration- / pairs-trading) i already mentioned that i was thinking about starting another journal, based on computed daily PA signals. Well, this isnt it! Last weekend i was browsing on another forum and found a thread that sparked my...
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    Hi everyone, thought i'd start a journal of my semi-automated strategy. so why should it be interesting to journal something that is (more or less) automated? i'll come to that. maybe first a little bit about myself. i am a 27 year old phd student from germany and have been trading for about 3...
FTMO Trader Scouting