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  1. sebking1986

    Trader Motivation

    I get that it's motivational but it's a little wishy washy for me.
  2. sebking1986

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Think we will see the ATH go by the end of the month at this rate for sure. How far past it is anyone's guess.
  3. sebking1986

    Need review for Funding Talent

    Thing is the business model is a little MLM like in that they rely on the money being brought in from failed challenges more so than winning traders. If the former dries up even for a brief period they can't pay out.
  4. sebking1986

    Need review for Funding Talent

    Haha this did NOT age well... A real shame though in all seriousness.
  5. sebking1986

    Andrei, Romania

    Hey there. Great to see someone else who has used ICT's methods. They don't work for everyone but certainly resonated with me! Careful with prop firms. Sure you have seen what happened with Funding Talent?
  6. sebking1986

    hello from Cyprus

    Hi Nick welcome! I'm from the UK! Great to have these forums as trading can be a lonely endevour.
  7. sebking1986

    What kind of music do you listen to while you trade?

    I tend to go with meditative deep house personally. Keeps me level and not too distracting. Can't do music with lyrics.
  8. sebking1986

    New Member from the States!

    How are you getting on now Nick? Well I hope. IG are solid in my opinion so good choice there. Did you go live with them too if you have yet?
  9. sebking1986

    Hello from Belfast

    Nice is the funding program a prop firm or the private funds you are trading sorry? If a prop firm be interested to hear which one and your experience of them.
  10. sebking1986

    Newbie from Canada

    I wouldn't worry about being intimidated. You will spend the rest of your life learning in this game and that's ok. Just embrace it and enjoy the ride.
  11. sebking1986


    Hi Kishor. How are you finding day trading? Do you still work full time?
  12. sebking1986

    ICT indicators please

    Doubt you are still looking but there are numerous ones on TV now
  13. sebking1986

    Who offer the best Economic Calendar?

    I think I prefer Investing's offering. Appears to highlight big news events better than FF in my experience.
  14. sebking1986


    Good luck with that! Closed up shop now I think!
  15. sebking1986


    He likes to wander off topic but zone out and you will likely miss an absolute gem he drops. You can do very well off his free content alone if studied and practiced.
  16. sebking1986

    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    Exactly! You can only acquire it by practice and being in the markets over a period of time. So many fail to grasp this and quit too early.
  17. sebking1986

    Indicator that attempts to identify an Order Block

    Is an indicator for OBs necessary?
  18. sebking1986

    Risk/reward tool

    I use Trading View -
  19. sebking1986

    SMT Divergence

    An indicator that spots and alerts to SMT divergence would be very useful. Even less time at the charts!
  20. sebking1986

    ICT Forexmas 2014 / Market Maker Series

    They are good. Very concise for him actually and full of content.
FTMO Trader Scouting