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    Central Bank Dealing Range (CDR) with ICT Asia Range Combo

    Ive normally used either the CBDR range or Asian never really together. Ill have a look thanks :)
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    Need review for Funding Talent

    I have a friend that is using them now. There seem to be a few problems with their servers every so often. He has just passed both challenges now so ill let you know how he gets on now he's in line for some payments
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    EUR/USD Pares Heavy Losses Below 1.1800 Ahead Of US Data, Fed

    I can only see USD getting stronger in the short-mid term. There is lots of sell side liquidity on DXY and retracements not withstanding i think we're going higher on DXY and lower on EU
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    Experienced traders, do you still lose due to emotions?

    I think we all do. We are all human and unless you have a bot trading for you and you cant touch it emotions will be involved. However, i believe you should accept these losses as part of your trading plan. Trying to be 100% perfect is impossible and when you fail you'll be very hard on...
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    This seems very solid. I have to say the last line is the most important IMO its a long term venture and it must be treated as such. Nice analysis
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    EA for two moving average

    I like the 3/50 cross and also the 8/20. These have been decent for me. I dont think an EA would be too hard to make but its the SL and RR you'd need to work on
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    Central Bank Dealers Range Indicator

    Seems like a decent way to see the CBDR. Ill have a look. I was always doing it on TV manually
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    Better later than never

    Nice to meet you Momchil i will press on you for some crypto insight in the near future as it becomes more tradable technically
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    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    I think the broker is no longer as big an issue as it once was. There are so many out there now that are solid and reliable. Another is people being afraid of hard work and not having the commitment to ride the waves of success and failure. This is a business and needs to be treated as such. I...
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    Where to get ICT indicators

    What do you mean ICT indicators? He uses pure price action and structure doesn't he?
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    Greetings,Be Kind and Go easy

    Hi everyone, new here. Cant wait to go through some of the threads :)
FTMO Trader Scouting