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    Experienced traders, do you still lose due to emotions?

    I’m still towards the beginning of my trading career and have struggled with trading anxiety from the start. I’d say I’ve improved drastically over the last year or so but still have moments where I doubt my choices.
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    Can't measure success without setting a Goal..or two...and you are gonna need a plan.

    I thought you made several good points and love how detailed this post is. Thanks for sharing!
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    Learning materials

    Babypips helped me a lot and I spent some time on Investopedia. You could also purchase trading related books. I know there are a lot on Amazon and you can find lists online.
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    Jokes Thread

    Nice jokes lol
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    New here

    Hi Ted! I’m here from the United States. Hopefully this site will help you out, good luck out there!
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    The "best" Forex platforms for a demo/practice account? (MT4, MT5 and cTrader)

    True that demo can’t solely prepare you for live trading because it’s lacking the psychological and money management aspects of live trading, but I still consider them to be one of the best hands on tools out there. As for platforms, I prefer MT4 over anything else. It could be that I’m partial...
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    Hi Summer! This forum seems really helpful so far, I just signed up recently as well. Wishing you luck!
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    Better later than never

    Hi Momchil! Nice to meet you, I’m fairly new to this forum as well.
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    new here

    Hi Reece! Wishing you luck in your trading endeavors.
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    Hi! Ireland - that’s interesting. I’m just based in the US. I have three kids myself, started for the same reasons. Wishing you luck!
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    I’ve never seen it broken down and stated as simply as you did, thanks!
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    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    Thanks for the book list and for providing a summary for each, I see a few that I’m going to order today.
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    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    Good points! With 5 years of experience, I’m sure you have a lot of knowledge to share. I’m only a little over a year in myself and I’m still trying to adjust expectations as you mentioned in your post. Another big one for me was coping with losses, although I think that I’m doing much better...
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    Almost sure the broker is a scam, but I do not understand this!?

    So I’ve only been trading for around a year, but I do think that scams are common with brokers, however, I’m interested in seeing what others think about this. I have a few questions as well. What’s the name of the broker? Also, have you tried looking at online reviews to see if anyone else has...
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    G'day all

    Hi James! I’m from the United States and share the same interests in Forex, stocks, and crypto trading. Haven’t been at it quite as long as you though - just a little over a year. Wishing you luck as well!
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    Greetings,Be Kind and Go easy

    Hi! I just joined as well, nice to meet you and good luck on the road ahead!
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    Newbie from United States

    Hi Randy! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better! I’m new to this forum as well. Just here to wish you luck!
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    Howdy! Beginner from US

    Hi! Fellow US trader and new here as well. Wishing you luck in all of your trading endeavors!
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    Hi! I’m new to this forum as well, although I’ve been trading for a while. Good luck!
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    Which broker you use?

    I’m with CedarFX. Mostly because of their low fees but I also like the variety of assets they offer plus being able to use high leverage if I want to.
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