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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    Let start talking "shop"

    Nice- Keep it coming
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    Straight Line Trader

    Golden- Your a douche- Mind your own business you troll End your BS now! I can't take you creeping around with your negativity. CUT IT you creep! Internet crap pisses me off because you can dispose of aholes like you, Hiding behind your keyboard.
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    ATC Brokers

    I have had an account with ATC for about 2 years. I am in the US. To me the best in the US. They are basically a white label/IB of FXCM. Your account (funds) is held by FXCM. Your liquidity comes from FXCM. Your spreads are the same as the new FXCM raw spreads. I have kept an account with ATC...
FTMO Trader Scouting