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    Buying Bitcoin

    Guys, believe me, that it is worth it. We are lucky that we are at the beginning of the cryptocurrency era and we can be one of the first people who bought crypto. It will be the same as it was with the stock exchange at the beginning of 1900. The prices were 100 times lower than now, and there...
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    alert signal

    which platform?
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    hi, welcome to the forum. Did you find much useful stuff here?
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    hi, welcome to the forum
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    Buying Bitcoin

    The recent dump till 32k was the last I think, according to the Wycoff we are going to grow.
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    Hi everyone !

    Hello! Welcome to the forum!
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    Buying Bitcoin

    Yeah, doesn't matter if you buy BTC for 20k or 40k because it will cost 1million in the future.
FTMO Trader Scouting