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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    Hi Everyone, am new here but not new to trading.

    hello and welcome! i can suggest checking out multiple broker demos as different spreads and leverage will of course impact the markets/instruments you are trading. what instruments do you like to trade???
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    hmm interesting read......... thanks for the share however the only possible thing i can deduce from brokers being linked in that way is that maybe they share the same liquidity provider ? after all, there are less liquidity providers than brokers so obviously multiple brokers share the same...
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    Mind over Market

    oh, i did not know. thanks for informing, and thank you as always for sharing beneficial links!
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    Bitcoin surge April 2019!

    what does everyone predict will happen for bitcoin moving forward after the 20% increase?!
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    Mind over Market

    interesting interview.. some valid points made.
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    Best ECN broker and why pls?

    thanks for suggestions will check them out
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    Buying Bitcoin

    cool. may i ask your personal predictions of bitcoin ? If you don't mind. I know you mentioned you hold XRP and etherum, does that mean you are unlikely to invest in bitcoin this year, if so, may i ask why?
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    Buying Bitcoin

    2019- y'all holding bitcoin or trading on margin ?
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    yeah i am waiting to see more stuff shared too
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    Hi guys I’m new here

    looking to expand my network of traders and exchange knowledge and experience
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    Hi guys I’m new here

    me toooooo!
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    hey everyone, i am fairly new here

    just want to keep learning new stuff from you guys
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    EA Analyzer

    guys sorry to sound a bit stupid here but i am new to the whole idea of using EAs in my trading. never done so before but wanted to know a bit more of an overview on them- how do they work, are they compatible with any mt4 broker ??
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    What is your favourite indicator?

    this takes skill ! good on ya
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    i have been racking my brains as to what would be the best outcome and how this can positively or negatively affect the market but who knows.. watch this space! to be honest it's so wishy washy at the moment, i am staying away from eur/gbp pairs and sticking to crypto until it's all done and dusted
FTMO Trader Scouting