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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    ICT Actual Case Study

    survival of the dumbest in the comment section of that vid.
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    ICT Actual Case Study

    couldn't have said it any better
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    ICT Indicators

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    Forex Peace Army Review of FXGears...

    "Typical of everything distasteful about amateur trading forums. Members appear more interested in arguing with each other, disrespecting & bad mouthing anything they personally don't agree with & generally posting up low quality content..." "Had a good browse around it over the past few days &...
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    2020 Party

    byron bay comes very close though
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    2020 Party

    planning to do the same thing. definitely a nice place to live, though i wouldnt recommend the north for more than just short trips. the humidity is deadly
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    ICT VS Shopsters

    back to the shadows..
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    If You Have To Lose, Lose Small

    black magic!!!!!!! :hail:
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    MyFxBook & What Not...

    finally some valuable education
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    Straight Line Trader

    Snorestone so exci... ResidentSleeper
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    Straight Line Trader

    :) if i do mostly hearthstone
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    Straight Line Trader

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    ICT Forexmas 2014 / Market Maker Series

    holy crap. 3 hour video. what is he up to now
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    Price Action with CndlstckChic

    that again, is an assumption. also, you should be glad that people are "hostile" here, though i wouldnt call it hostile myself. they are just honest and don't back people on their retail ideas to make them feel good (you can go to other forums like BP for that) someday you'll see the value of...
FTMO Trader Scouting