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FTMO Trader Scouting
  1. S Hi, is anyone having problems with Alpari in the uk, they appear to have closed shop as there has been no data feed since 11:00 GMT yesterday. Perhaps the warning signs came last week when they deposited £1,000,000.00 into my account. Yes I became a millionaire unfortunately it...
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    Slug Short-Term Trading Journal

    Hi Slug, Think I am having similar discipline problems. I knocked up this pop up to show on screen when I take a loss, this helps me to take a step back just at the crucial time. I have attached indicator for you or anyone else if it looks like it may be of use.
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    What Should Go Into A Trading Plan?

    Re: Post Your Trading Plan Thought i would share where I am with this, after another disappointing day and after reading the initial comments on this thread. I have decided to completely revamp my very weak trading plan (more of trade entry plan). For me I don't think I could have written to...
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    Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide - InnerCircleTrader

    Hi Folks, Thought I might add my thoughts to this, take these with a pinch of salt as i am still rubbish at this. Looking at the daily chart there seems to be some upward pressure, should this continue price would move into the daily OTE area with the 70.5% falling directly on the mid figure...
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    Price Action Weekly Highlight

    Hi ICT, Seeing your new thread has prompted me to sign up to FXGEARS and share this trade, which will probably be my best day trade ever, it's the week before's trading from the 5th, NFP, but felt you would like to see it anyway. This is my first post here and i'm not big on posting so hope it...
FTMO Trader Scouting