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  1. forexkenya
    forexkenya Hopiplaka
    Please can you send me 4 central bank dealers range indicators. the links you provided for the drop box are not working. thank u sir in advance.
  2. TrayDader0001
    The universe is sacred. You cannot improve it. If you try to change it, you will ruin it. If you try to hold it, you will lose it.
  3. wealthmeans
    wealthmeans rod178
    Hello, how can I use the CBRD for price projection
  4. risk reward ratio
    risk reward ratio
  5. Patrick Malaza
    Patrick Malaza Hopiplaka
    Howzit. Please share any info on ICT and any subscriptions alternatives
  6. kinsley
    kinsley Hopiplaka
    Please can you send me 4 central bank dealers range indicators. thank u sir
  7. Vuyani Sphamandla Machi
    Vuyani Sphamandla Machi jack
    Hi jack.... can you please help me with finding the ICT killzone indicator.
  8. GoodMan Ashik
    GoodMan Ashik
    Broker consultancy at
  9. Quinten
    Quinten guilhermecarva
    Hello, i am new to fxgears but been using ICT order blocks for two years, that indicator you created is brilliant i was wondering if you could be able to code it to use it for backtesting purposes, it currently only shows the current levels? Thanks Quinten
  10. herald
    herald sqa

    I saw your older post with links to ICT videos. They are all broken now - dont you know if the ICT videos are still reachable somewhere?

  11. edwin g
    edwin g Hopiplaka
    hi! could you give some help with CBDR ?
  12. hamedhamidi
  13. Xavier Tan
    Xavier Tan
    I am a veteran retail trader who speaks with experience.
  14. kishisaki
    kishisaki rod178
  15. simms
    simms Hopiplaka
    Hi Hopiplaka, do you still have ICT's indicators?
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  16. simms
    simms kate682
    Hi Kate, do you still have ICT's indicators?
    1. Singh_Aujla
      Hi Kate, are the ICT Indicators available?
      Jun 6, 2018
  17. LUCKY
    LUCKY Hopiplaka
    Please people I need a group of ICT by Michael Huddleston where maybe they discuss business or taking positions, analysis the market. Please help
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  18. LUCKY
    Hello, please I need a group of ICT group of Michel Huddleston. Please some one help me
  19. Kanyisa
    Kanyisa jack
    Hi Jack, I understand you are an administrator on this website. I have been trying to download an Indicator by Hopiplaka but it keeps giving me an error saying it's no longer located in the dropbox.

    Hope you can help me.

    Regards, Kanyisa
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    2. arzolobnan
      yes that's exactly what I need
      Jan 30, 2018
    3. jack
      You guys should start a forum post so other members can help you find the indicator.
      Jan 30, 2018
  20. SANTINO254
    Hello Everyone!!!!! newbie here from East Africa.....Kenya