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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by weblee2407, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. weblee2407

    weblee2407 New Member

    Hello All,
    I am a complete newbie to Forex trading and I mean new! I became interested in Forex after hearing it mentioned on the TV show American Greed - that same week I got a mass mailing from the Online Trading Academy and I went to their intro seminar. I chose to forgo their training until I did some reading on my own so I picked up Anna Coulling's forex for beginners. Since reading it I have established a couple of practice accounts to learn the tools and signed up for a few online forums to get some real world feedback. When I tried to find complaints and reviews of forex training programs using google I found the results were way too sterile which made me suspicious. As it stands now NOTHING I thought I had learned seems true based on my evaluation of the movements of the EUR/USD pair on my trading accounts so I hope those who are willing to help can assist in clearing the smoke from the air.

    Nice to meet you all and here's too a long and productive collaboration!

  2. SLT

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    Welcome to Jacks Forum!
    You have found the right place,
  3. sqa

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    I wonder if I should start that "newbie's guide to ICT's work", haha.

    And, yes, most of the extremely expensive "systems" are... questionable, at best. But you know they're really expensive!

    What type of trading style are you looking to learn?
  4. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Hello and welcome! :D
  5. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Honestly, that would probably be really useful for people. The volume of material available might be a bit daunting to new traders without some sort of 'map' to get through it.
  6. sqa

    sqa Village Scribe

    I was planning to do an Annotated Guide next year, after ICT has completed all of his teaching, but, well, I've got a bunch of time today, so I could do a temporary suggestion list. Though it'll be nice once ICT has his new website up, as not everything is YouTube.
  7. sqa

    sqa Village Scribe

    Oh, and weblee2407, what time frames are you planning to trade?
  8. Piper

    Piper Guest

  9. Decoherence

    Decoherence Well-Known Member

    Oh, it is daunting. I had to stop for a solid month and go over the basics again. Going to start from the beginning of ICT's stuff again. I see sqa has made the guide, so I'm going to go over it:)

    Thanks sqa!

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