ICT float (modified indicator by kate682)

Discussion in 'Execution Platforms' started by kate682, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. kate682

    kate682 Well-Known Member

    ICT Float indicator

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  2. Gerry

    Gerry Member

    Thanks for sharing Kate!
  3. Codetrader

    Codetrader Member

    Thank you very much for sharing
  4. traderx4

    traderx4 Member

    Thank you Kate :)
  5. garry

    garry the art of war

    you will find that kate is disgusted that ict still only trades demo and only ever made any money trading ,only conning people which is a fact
  6. traderx4

    traderx4 Member

    How Can one believe in the product if he's only on Demo in His Videos?
  7. garry

    garry the art of war

    He was found out living in a ghetto in Baltimore ,never worked in bank or for a fund ,never traded live ever and made any profit ,blew up all his demo accounts over many years of trying .
    ict has had many accounts on here under different names plugging himself the list of deception just goes on and on ,you will not find anyone who makes profit trading who uses his shit
  8. traderx4

    traderx4 Member

    "Oh, Dear!"
  9. kate682

    kate682 Well-Known Member

    Still waiting.....

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  10. kate682

    kate682 Well-Known Member

    The business model...

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  11. kate682

    kate682 Well-Known Member

    and one of my favourites....

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  12. kate682

    kate682 Well-Known Member

    Lets look at the ICT concepts

    1. Time of day - yes well when the biggest volumes hit the markets, obvious.
    2. Order blocks - Price reach zones, obvious, new name for old hat.
    3. HTF market direction - well if you don't know this, the basics of trading; you're a donkey.
    4. CBR - all part of the average range of an instrument, again duh.
    5. Fibos - classic trading techniques, been used for so long now everybody knows it.
    6. Fractals - oh yes, like thats a ruddy new one.
    7. Breakers, mitigation blocks - new names for old hat.
    8. Asian range - like wow that's new - Not (for those more stupid readers).
    9. Oh yes, the power of three - open high low close - thought the japs invented this one.

    I could teach it all in under an hour.

    And ICT delivers it with such theatricals and long winded bla bla bla blabber
    going on and on as if he was giving the greatest trading gift on the planet.

    I stumbled across ICT during the search & seek stage of my trading career,
    I listened avidly - all those thousands of hours, all that time, waiting for the
    'promised secret' constantly hinted at, MM9 now, what a joke, quite frankly, bolloxs.

    ICT is a fraud and a packager of basic concepts that have been around for centuries,
    keeping traders tied in with hints of 'next time I'll really show you how its done'

    I was lucky enough to be shown how to trade, within 3 months, I am averaging between
    100 - 200 pips a day.

    Will I show others how to do it, what and for it to become mainstream food fodder
    liquidity for the big boys, no way. Not ever. And Micheal, you wouldn't either, so
    you playing 'help the newbie card' is pathetic; its self defeating. Top 5% winners won't
    ever statistically change, how can it.

    You have wasted my time Micheal, and you are continuing to waste other traders time.

    Get real, put yourself up there, or get off your stool and stop preaching like the
    sociopath you are. And as for charging, well I must admit you have my respect at
    conning 100's out of their money, but that is it. The rest is blxs.


    ps) you are learning as you teach, and perhaps one day, you might be able to hold a candle up
    to the real traders out there, quietly and thoroughly taking your money and the money of those
    poor sods you are allegedly 'teaching' the holy grail.
  13. shopster

    shopster Well-Known Member


    a great recap on the ICT bullshit spew of the last decade.


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  14. traderx4

    traderx4 Member

    Thanks for your Input kate.
    I won't waste my time anymore on this one..
  15. traderx4

    traderx4 Member

    Lol... Love it!
  16. shopster

    shopster Well-Known Member

    Elvis does the ICT theme song.


  17. shopster

    shopster Well-Known Member

    " I was lucky enough to be shown how to trade, within 3 months, I am averaging between
    100 - 200 pips a day. "

    luv it.

  18. Th3Lucky1

    Th3Lucky1 Just another 1

    ICT is just a filter IMO along with many educators :p
    But boy,he is definatly a good one.. :D :D

  19. rod178

    rod178 Well-Known Member

    Suicide Cat would like you as a Mentor.
  20. the golden gun

    the golden gun RINSE & REPEAT

    you're such a loser : P

    come to chat and talk shit live to my face. i know you won't cuz you're a little bitch ;)

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