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Discussion in 'Execution Platforms' started by foreigner, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. foreigner

    foreigner Est. 12480 Hours and Counting

    4x Guardian detects and alerts you of the following suspicious activity:

    Price slippages
    Delays in execution times
    Margin changes
    Spread analysis
    Broker server disconnections
    Internet server disconnections
    Metatrader 4 conflicts detection
    And much more

    Shame its not available anymore...


  2. foreigner

    foreigner Est. 12480 Hours and Counting

    Forex Factory disallowed a post of mine where I asked if anyone knew what happened to 4x Guardian. This was the only thread on the site where the software had been previously mentioned.
  3. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Can't speak for FF, but I'm not crazy about the software since it sensationalizes and misrepresents some of the data it collects and this often causes people to put blame on the broker when such blame isn't due.

    That's not to say the software isn't useful... just that some of the info it gives could seem alarming by noobs who don't quite understand exactly what the data it provides means.

    Put another way, they sell the product with fear (catch dirty brokers, broker scams.. etc..) and thus it is in there best interest to come off as alarmists.

    An example would be latency and other network stats which could easily be caused by living far away from the broker's point of connection, bad routes as your connection traverses the net, or just having shitty internet (which is the case in some countries..)
  4. rod178

    rod178 Well-Known Member

    Cable 10:19 gmt

    did anyone else notice the one tick 4pip gap up?!!!!

    Note that it was only on tick, then down to where it originated.
  5. foreigner

    foreigner Est. 12480 Hours and Counting

    Doesnt sound like youve checked out the Advanced Markets Thread Rod..

    BTW, how does your EA like 15 pip gaps?
  6. rod178

    rod178 Well-Known Member

    gaps are all taken into account in the code

    there were no gaps on the m1 cTrader feed, just them m1 MT4 feed
  7. foreigner

    foreigner Est. 12480 Hours and Counting

  8. foreigner

    foreigner Est. 12480 Hours and Counting

    Since posting this FF have cancelled my login details and password retrieval!

    It seems that they dont want you even asking about this software.

    Presumably FF are introducing brokers of sorts, therefore they feel this level of monitoring is bad for business.

    Im in no doubt that theyre right.

    P.S Ive spent literally months looking for a reliable MT4 broker to no avail, it seems that they are ALL subject to the same "technical problems" that result in poor execution and slippage if not outright looting. Alas, choosing an MT4 broker appears to be the biggest gamble of all that we as retail side traders face.
  9. foreigner

    foreigner Est. 12480 Hours and Counting

    No, I dont think it sensationalizes anything, its software, it just does what its told and reports back.

    Broker sales & marketing on the other hand, now thats a different story!

    This type of software should be mandatory for regulating an otherwise unregulated platform.
  10. maradona

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    well that will be answeme at all

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