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  1. simms
    simms Hopiplaka
    Hi Hopiplaka, do you still have ICT's indicators?
  2. simms
    simms kate682
    Hi Kate, do you still have ICT's indicators?
  3. LUCKY
    LUCKY Hopiplaka
    Please people I need a group of ICT by Michael Huddleston where maybe they discuss business or taking positions, analysis the market. Please help
  4. LUCKY
    Hello, please I need a group of ICT group of Michel Huddleston. Please some one help me
  5. Kanyisa
    Kanyisa jack
    Hi Jack, I understand you are an administrator on this website. I have been trying to download an Indicator by Hopiplaka but it keeps giving me an error saying it's no longer located in the dropbox.

    Hope you can help me.

    Regards, Kanyisa
  6. SANTINO254
    Hello Everyone!!!!! newbie here from East Africa.....Kenya
  7. GoodMan Ashik
    GoodMan Ashik
    Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Ashik from Port Vila. First to take my love with my happy journey here.
  8. SM Sajir
    SM Sajir
    First to take my warm wishes. This is a great day for me by finding this site simply. Hope my journey will be perfectly matched with all.
  9. tshepiso
    tshepiso jack
    Hello and thank you
  10. chriscarrigg
    Hi, I'm currently studying ICT's work and starting to concentrate on pure price. I've found something that works for me... Time to Demo.
  11. 5 Dimension Trader
    5 Dimension Trader
    Watch and Follow my video to learn how to improve your Forex trading result in 7 days.
  12. Th3Lucky1
    To thy own self be true.
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  13. jack
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  14. mr12323
    mr12323 pipbanger
    Dear pipbanger
    I want to learn and discuss shop method.....would u plz help and do u know how to get in touch with gitrader....plz help
  15. rod178
    My Mentor is Me
  16. rod178
    Better a Shark than a Fish
  17. jairajlala
    jairajlala rod178
    Hi Rod, I am jairajlala here a novice,trying my hand at learning forex,,pleased to follow
  18. mr12323
    mr12323 Chrisrocs
    Dear sir,
    Would you please throw some light about shopsters method and how to get more information
    Thanks and regards
    1. Alpha-Bet
    2. mr12323
      Thank you very much sir
      Apr 19, 2017
  19. Gorgesmith
    Hello All Professional,
  20. mr12323
    mr12323 pipbanger
    Dear Pipbanger,

    Have u learnt shopsters trading method.....i tired to contact GITrader but PM has been Blocked....can u plz share ur ideas about shopsters method