ICT concepts applied to the AUD/USD

In MM6 ICT mentioned that the AUD has more activity during the Asian session. I have not looked the AUD very much.

To apply ICT concepts to the AUD what could you use for a correlated pair SMT divergence? Would the Yen be the other pair?

Is the Asian session where the major move can happen? (sort of like GBP and London open)

What should be expected during other kill zones?

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AUD & NZD are the highest correlated of the Majors.

AUD, NZD & JPY are the pairs that do their major setups in the CDR/AR period for the day.  Though there is the occasional late London Reversal.  (You'd expect reversals in NYO, generally, as that's the "end of the day" for the pair)
Thanks Sqa,

I had not thought of the NZD as a major because most people don't talk about it much.
 I will watch to see for manipulation similar to the GBP and EUR.

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For multiple ways to look at Ozzy using correlation, yeah what sqa said kiwi & also AJ & USDOLLAR from fxcm
this chart shows the USDOLLAR correlation inverted to AUDUSD, look at the divergence lines, though make sure you use other factors also,
before taking any trades on this concept. I am Short at the Red circle, today Asia CDR

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Nice trade Dan  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
" Don't make a PERMANENT decision for your TEMPORARY emotion "
Hey Man that is a very good trade I really like the way you applied the concepts. that is a pattern that I see is starting to show up everyday.